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Pamlico Tower Inc. was created in 2010. It was started by, Bo Brooks and Billy Stocks who worked together previously at a company for 15 years. During that time, they learned to run a company safely and ethically. Their mission at Pamlico Tower is to run a company with safety first and foremost, then follow that with some of the best employees who believe that safety and quality are the core of every job, whether it is a steel upgrade to an existing tower, adding carriers to existing towers, or doing tower mapping and inspections. Pamlico Tower is a family business, as Bo Brooks and Billy Stocks were brother in-laws with a combined 42 years in the tower construction business. Unfortunately, Billy Stocks is no longer with Pamlico Tower, due to a tragic swimming accident in 2016.  With Bo having 27 of the 42 years of experience and a highly trained staff by his side, Pamlico Tower continues to serve their customers with the same dedicated customer service.  Pamlico Tower continues to maintain a stellar reputation with safety and quality as their primary focus.  Thank you for taking your time to read this and look over our website. We will gladly answer any of your questions and look forward to assisting you in your future projects.

Cellular -  PCS - Microwave - Lighting

5485 Hwy 17 N 

Washington, NC 27889

(252) 948-1472‚Äč

5485 Hwy 17 N

Washington, NC 27889

(252) 948-1472